Moments from a Wake Up Uk and Ireland retreat hosted by Plum Village Practice Centre and Monastery this April…

A song by Joe Holtaway from Wake Up London played on a Lazy Day Hike in Plum Village. Read more about this day on our blog here.


Moments from our facilitator retreats

Moments from last summer’s Wake Up UK retreat..

About Wake Up Belfast



Music workshop with Wake Up London

Positive messages in Liverpool Street Station with Wake Up London



A hello from the monks and nuns who will be touring the UK to offer mindfulness workshop and retreats in the Autumn..

Footage of Thich Nhat Hanh in Trafalgar Square, organized by friends from Wake Up UK

Put together by Wake Up friends to promote the event in Trafalgar Square with Thich Nhat Hanh

Sharing music in St. James Park with Wake Up London



Wake Up London’s first meditation flash mob in Trafalgar Square

Click here to see more videos of meditation flash mobs

The first ever zen surfing and mindfulness retreat!

Some moments from the Wake Up UK 2011 tour..

London events 5-13 Sept.
Local Wake Up communities in UK
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