UK Tour with Plum Village Monastics 2017


British Dharma Teachers Sister Annabel, Brother Phap Lai, Brother Phap Linh and Sister Dedication will be coming to the UK in late August to lead retreats, public talks and mindfulness events in the engaged spirit of Thich Nhat Hanh. There’ll be special events in the North-West, Yorkshire, Leicester and Scotland. In London, the monastics will be creating a “Mindfulness Hub” in the heart of the city, with a series of immersive events and workshops. We invite you to join us and spread the word.

Midlands: Family Retreat 

A joyful 5-day immersive retreat in Stourbridge over the August Bank Holiday weekend, with programs for children, teens and young adults. (Registration closes August 10).

London: Mindfulness Hub 

Drop in to a calm oasis at the top of Brick Lane for sitting meditations, mindful lunches and total relaxations, or join one of our special 3-hour workshops:

See the whole schedule for the week at The London Mindfulness Hub.

Scotland: Mindfulness Events
Sister Dedication and fellow monks and nuns will be offering an evening of mindfulness in central Edinburgh, followed by a refreshing retreat for young adults in the beautiful nature of South Lanarkshire.

Leicester: Mindfulness for Medics 

Sister Annabel will be leading an immersive masterclass on mindfulness for clinicians, and educators and students, at Leicester Medical School, and a full Day of Mindfulness.

North West: Touching Peace
Join Brother Phap Lai for a peaceful and healing walking meditation through Manchester city centre, and a joyful evening of mindfulness with the local community in Stockport.

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London events 5-13 Sept.
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