Sample schedules

1.5 hour schedule by Wake Up Cambridge

By Giulia

Our meetings generally last about 1 1/2 hour, from 8 to 9.30pm. We often open with a round of names if there are new people, and by asking what animal you feel like. We then open the session with a reading or a poem, or often the 5 or 14 mindfulness trainings (or at times do the reading at the end), then do 20-25 minutes of sitting meditation, and finish with sharing. Sometimes after the sharing we might sing, or do some hugging meditation, or maybe do a few minutes of walking meditation.

It’s a rather informal practice so I often ask people what they feel like doing, and if it’s not too busy and we have enough floor space, deep relaxation is a very popular option. Sometimes I bring some fruit to do eating meditation after sitting.

Another 1.5 hour schedule by Wake Up Glasgow 

By Michael

We usually start with a 20 to 25 minute sit. Often there will be people that are pretty much brand new to the practice so I’ll go over the basics with them. I’ll give quite a lot of guidance in the first 10-15 minutes of the first sit – especially if the people that are there are fairly new. Then I’ll usually leave more space.

We then will either read from one of Thay’s books or have a discussion about our experience of practising or both. This is not particularly structured. Its quite organic in nature – it just kind of flows. Usually its good to read a little and then there is something for the discussion to flow around. Although, I think its nice for people to discuss their immediate experience of practice especially when they’re brand new as so often people aren’t sure whether or not they’re “getting it” or “doing it right”. So discussing allows doubts and concerns to be aired and for everybody to realise it’s really as simple as just attending to experience.

We’ll then do another sit and sometimes we’ll do a total relaxation practice or a loving kindness practice. I often invite people to lie down, as if they are fairly new to mindfulness two 25 minutes sit can be quite uncomfortable for the body.

2.5 hour schedule by Wake Up London

By Elina

2.00pm – Attendees may start to arrive. We have a volunteer to keep the door open and greet people as they arrive, and inform newcomers where to go.
2.30pm – Welcoming words by facilitators. Everyone is asked to share their name, where they have come from and how they are feeling through describing the weather – an “internal weather report”. If there are complete newcomers and beginners, facilitators offer some introductory words to each practice.
2.45pm – Guided sitting meditation, usually from The Blooming of the Lotus book.
3.10pm – Walking meditation
3.30pm – Silent sitting meditation
3.40pm – Talk – usually a reading from one of Thich Nhat Hanh’s books or a talk found online. We pass a book around and ask people to read a paragraph if they want, otherwise they can pass it along.
4.00pm – Break
4.05pm – Sharing
4.45pm – Reading out the 5 Mindfulness Trainings
4.55pm – Announcements – we ask for a donation for the rent of the room, inform people about upcoming events, our mailing list, staying around for tea/dinner, and invite people to help tidy away the mats and cushions
5pm – Closing bows

In some afternoons, we take some of our usual practices out to include a session of deep relaxation or mindful movements.


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