Local Communities

Here’s a map of all of the active Wake Up communities in the UK with yellow pins and ones where someone is interested in starting a community with red pins.

List version of existing communities


Wake Up London
Contact email: info@wakeuplondon.org

Wake Up Cambridge
Contact email: wkupcam@gmail.com

Wake Up Birmingham
Contact email:


Wake Up Scotland

Wake Up Edinburgh
Contact email: wildgeese.wakeup@gmail.com

Wake Up Glasglow
Contact email: Private message via Facebook page.

Northern Ireland

Wake Up Belfast
Contact: ruthhelencullen@gmail.com


Wake Up Ireland

Someone is interested in starting a community..

We’ve had people getting in touch about starting a Wake Up community in the following areas:

Polegate in East Sussex


Narbeth in Pembrokeshire







Email us to connect with them.

If your area is not mentioned and really want to find others to practice mindfulness with, you can tell us where you live and we’ll let you know if there are other Wake Up friends nearby!

Starting a Wake Up community

Click here if you would like some information on starting a Wake Up community.

Please also visit the all-ages community directory. We highly recommend practising with an all-ages community before starting a Wake Up community, particularly if you are quite new to this practice. It can be very beneficial to practice with others who are experienced in the practice as well as with building a community.

Mindfulness bell app

If you’re looking to be connected virtually, you can join the Wake Up group via the Insight Timer app on your iPhone/Android/iPad. Once you join, when you open the app you see a list of everyone in the group who is using the app to meditate at that exact moment, anywhere in the world! To join the group first create a profile on “Insight Connect” then click ‘groups’, and at the bottom of the page you can do a search for ‘Wake Up’.

Virtual Skype sangha

The Daffodil Sangha is an online Skype meditation group that sits two mornings a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30 GMT for 30 mins). We are a small group with between 3 and 10 members sitting at any time. Join their Facebook group if you’re interested in meditating with them online.

London events 5-13 Sept.
Local Wake Up communities in UK