Places available at the Wake Up retreat this month

FacilitatorsRetreat04.014_26We’re looking forward to our annual Wake Up mindfulness retreat happening soon from 21st to 26th August at Binley Farm in Gloucestershire, only a couple hours from London.

This will be a chance to live mindfully for five days together as a community, reconnect with ourselves and unplug from the busyness of our daily routine.

Suitable for both new and experienced practitioners. There are only a few beds available in the dormitories and several spaces for campers.

We can now update you with the activities of the retreat:

  • Workshop 1: Moving together, supporting each other: Exploring what it is to be with and support each other with improvised movement. The whole contents of the workshop is suitable for everyone – both experienced and non-experienced movers, and builds confidence and freedom to be both natural and expressive.
  • Workshop 2: Deepening and nourishing our aspirations: A space to contemplate and clarify our aspirations with the help of the collective energy and support of the community. The activities will guide us in deeply exploring our dreams and intentions through meditation and sharings.
  • Talks and mindfulness practices by teacher and former Plum Village monastic Michael Schwammberger. Wake Up members will also assist in the facilitation of the retreat.
  • Five Mindfulness Trainings sharing and transmission ceremony: Reflections on how the trainings have been explored and practised in the lives of some Wake Up members. Towards the end of the retreat, there will be the opportunity to formally receive the trainings in a transmission ceremony if you wish.
  • Hike: We will look to heighten our connection with nature in a way that encourages us to deepen our relationship with self. In expanding our consciousness to the natural world that surrounds us, we can connect to parts of ourselves that we sometimes lose touch with. Exploring this, we will finish the hike by coming together to co-create a piece of art that honours our sense of wonder in relation to the world which we inhabit.
  • Sharing and listening with the heart: In the evenings, there will be the chance to share and listen with each other about our experiences, our joys and difficulties in small groups. On one of the days, there will be a separate sharing space for men and women.Towards the closing of the retreat, we’ll celebrate our time together with an evening for sharing songs, poetry, jokes, stories, a dance – anything! Do bring something like musical instruments or something you might feel inspired to share.
  • Other daily core mindfulness practices: Morning and evening sitting meditation, mindful movements, walking meditation, mindful meals and working meditation.
  • Free time: Every day there will be time with non-scheduled activities for you to enjoy simply ‘being’.

If you haven’t been to Binley Farm before, here’s a 3 minute clip showing you the place:

If you haven’t yet booked or would like find out more, click here.

With smiles,
Elina, Jasmine, Kareem and Felipe

Retreat organizing team
Wake Up UK


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